Our Services

We take books

We are always interested in taking in books that are in good or better condition. Most often, we offer shop credit in exchange for books. This credit can be used to purchase bargain and secondhand books in our Middle Street shop and our Oranmore warehouse. Small amounts of books may be dropped in for exchange in our Middle Street shop from Monday through Friday inclusive. When dropping larger amounts of books, it is recommended to drive to our Oranmore Warehouse and pull in directly at the entrance.

Although we usually offer shop credit only in exchange for books, we are sometimes able to offer cash in exchange for rare books or large libraries of books. If you are interested in selling a library or other large collection of books, we can arrange for a member of staff to view your collection. We sometimes find ourselves overstocked and unable to accept books for a time, so if you’d like to bring in books, please ring and ask to speak to Charlie or Vinny for more information.

We do not offer shop credit for books on the following subjects: schoolbooks or second- or third-level textbooks, children’s picture books, hard- and soft-cover popular fiction published one or more years ago, cookery, business, and any books that are in poor or unsalable condition.

Ordering and Shipping

Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop offer a special ordering service to all our customers, and are happy to provide price quotations and estimated delivery time. Drop us a line and we’ll check if we have the book you’re looking for in our shop: if not, we’ll let you know roughly how long it will take to order. We also order books for libraries, schools, and book clubs, and we offer a 10% discount on all such orders.

We are happy to source out-of-print and difficult-to-find books. Our “wants” request system lets you leave a request for any second-hand book with us, and we’ll let you know if we get a copy. We also sell rare, unusual, and out-of-print books online from our warehouse, and you can browse our catalogue on abebooks here.
We offer an international book shipping service, and are happy to package and ship books to anywhere in the world. Ireland offers reduced shipping rates for book parcels, and we don’t charge for the service outside of standard shipping rates. If you would like us to ship books to you, please call us on +353-91-561-766 or e-mail us at info@charliebyrne.ie

Events and Launches

As a cultural hub in Galway City, Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop regularly hosts book launches, literary events, book signings, and readings. Over the last thirty years, Charlie Byrne’s has held hundreds of book launches and readings featuring some of Ireland’s best loved novelists, poets, photographers, and writers of non-fiction, as well as a diverse range of international literary events.
We’ve got all the ingredients for perfect book launches: our Middle Street shop lends the perfect atmosphere to events; we have facilities for serving wine and other cold beverages; we can create beautiful displays of books; our enthusiastic staff help create memorable, well-organised events; and our wonderful customers can be counted on to make the night a success! Feel free to contact us to arrange an event our launch.

Filming and photographing

Our shop has a pretty special feel, with so much literature in our labyrinthine cozy rooms. We’re happy to have people photograph the shop, and feature regularly in newspapers from the NY Times to the Irish Times, music videos, promotional shots for plays, bands, backdrops to films and television shows.

We welcome you to visit Charlie Byrne’s and capture it’s magic in any way you please – if you have special requirements feel free to get in touch!

Books for furniture

We’re happy to help you develop a library collection as furniture, and have lots of experience tailoring a library to your requirements. We’re happy to help you find books on any budget, and for any aesthetic, and have lots of experience furnishing pubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels, homes.

Our prices start at €1 per book, and we can offer anything from shelves of old hardbacks, imitation leather-bound books, thematic books for furniture, leather bound gold lines books, antiquarian books etc. Get in contact with your specific requirements and we’ll happily assist!